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"What the Hell?" "Guess again."
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welcome to spn_angels

If you are new, please take a look at the following sections before posting:


+ This community is open to fanworks of all kinds as long as one or more angel character(s) are central to the work.
+ Old and new fanworks are accepted.
+ Please do not link to locked posts out of courtesy to all members.
+ We are an Angels comm, so please stick within the Supernatural universe and take the RPF/RPS to the respective comms.

+ Organize your posts using the following subject format for fanworks: "Work type: Title (primary characters/pairings, rating)"
+ Include the following information in your post (as applicable to the different kinds of fanworks):
Word count:

+ Work must be behind cut tags. For art/graphics/icons, you can post a preview or small thumbnail.
+ Please indicate if the material behind the cut is NSFW (Not Safe For Work
) and warn for anything that you think might be problematic or triggery (character death, sexual assault, abuse, dub-con, non-con, etc). If you choose not to warn directly for fear of spoiling, this is
another way of going about it.

+ All information about the most recent episode counts as a spoiler and should be placed under a cut with a warning until 7 days after the first U.S. airing. For older material, you can mention spoilers for specific episodes or blanket spoilers for seasons in the header/information section of your post.


+ This is meant to be a fun, welcoming community. We will not tolerate flaming, character/pairing bashing, any form of overt antagonism among members. Whatever your vendettas are, please keep them out of the comm.
+ If you find a post that violates the community policy, contact one of the mods or send an email. We will take care of it.
+ Feel free to contact the mods about any questions, comments, suggestions, issues you come across.
+ And most of all: enjoy your stay!

+ If you are unsure about whether your post is appropriate for this community (advertising, actor gossip, etc), consult with one of the mods or send us an email and we will get back to you.


+ Your mods are
aeternitasbeach,synnerxx and electrumqueen.
+ You can contact us at

+ If you would like to affiliate with spn_angels, drop us an email or comment on this post.

+ Layout courtesy of

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